Hello Summer… Well the two weeks of you.

Hello Summer... Well the two weeks of you.

It is a funny thing. A goal of mine during the summer semester was to document my projects as they transformed into finish works. I had well-organized folders and I looked forward to composite them and share with you my progress. However, my end of the semester organizing and cleaning out the computer ended with those valuable progress folders ending up in the trash, which was then emptied two hours ago. Why do I even try? So I apologize as you will have to wait the following two semesters for progress documentation images.

Summer summary…
It was a quick and busy summer semester. I have had summer classes 4 out of the 6 years of my college career. Needless to say summer school and I are not strangers. Over the two months my courses consisted of: clinical science, surgical orientation, Zbrush (my favorite), the ever so lovely project research, and getting my feet wet in animation. I walked away with skills in new programs and the mentality of focusing on detail. All of which contributed to my sleep coma that I fell into after the last critique. It was a demanding summer but definitely worth it.

Above is the GPCR assignment. I took an editorial approach to show Rhodopsin and the chromopore Retinal’s conformational change. I originally want to show the molecule pocket and its association with neighboring residues. However, while experimenting with materials in Max, the deadline came a little quicker than I preferred. The fall semester I will be taking the pharmacology course and I aim to experiment with Autocell and continue to push boundaries in VMD.


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Georgia native. MN State alumni current graduate student at University of Illinois at Chicago.

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