Meet Benard and Project Research

Meet Benard and Project Research

Today is the day that I sit down and force myself to put on paper all the information that I have in my noggin pertaining to my project research. At the moment, I do feel like my buddy above with a broken arm. Sometimes I wish there was a little red button that you can push and poof it is completed to perfection. So what is my project research you ask? Well to summarize it, I will be studying and comparing different database infrastructures, and compile my information into a framework that will inspire or be applied to other databases. So a lot of geeky stuff. I will be focusing a lot on the Protein Data Bank and a few others. All of which I aim to help improve the visualization of macromolecules by helping to define good vs bad data while addressing accessibility. This ties in a lot of issues like funding and big data. Sometimes I feel like the next step is trying to find the cure for cancer. However, I have to refocus and tell myself baby steps. Wish me luck.

The image above is call “Meet Benard.” He is the product of the character design project in my Zbrush class. What I had in mind was an Orthopedic application that allows the viewers to interact with the little guy by informing him about fractures, bone repair, and post operative care. He is accident prone so the users would have numerous opportunities to learn and teach.


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Georgia native. MN State alumni current graduate student at University of Illinois at Chicago.

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