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HIV 3D Sketch for AutoPack assignment

HIV 3D Sketch for AutoPack assignment

Last year, CG Society had a contest that involved the Autopack plugin and bringing the HIV recipe into a 3D application. Artist from a wide range of fields got their hands dirty and resulted in some fantastic entries. Our animation class is having the same assignment that will hopefully show Autodesk that this is a vital tool for our career field.

This is my 3D sketch of the virus entering the cell. I am thinking of having a more zoomed in shot but keeping with a large landscape field. I wanted to use red to highlight the injection of the capsid within the cell. Of course, I will have more surface proteins imported via Autopack, but I wanted to give everyone an idea of what approach I will be taking. I just bought Zbrush, may the experimenting begin!

UIC Digital Signage

UIC Digital Signage

These were created to advertise for the business resume review and career fair in the next few weeks. I have never created a digital signage so hopefully there won’t be any revision once I deliver these. They took me longer than expected. Unfortunately, there are not shortcuts in the creative process. I took a more typography route, but felt limited since it had to be legible at a distance. Now off to complete an assignment that is due tomorrow and my project research. I am getting nowhere on that thing.