Archive | September 19, 2013

HIV 3D Sketch for AutoPack assignment

HIV 3D Sketch for AutoPack assignment

Last year, CG Society had a contest that involved the Autopack plugin and bringing the HIV recipe into a 3D application. Artist from a wide range of fields got their hands dirty and resulted in some fantastic entries. Our animation class is having the same assignment that will hopefully show Autodesk that this is a vital tool for our career field.

This is my 3D sketch of the virus entering the cell. I am thinking of having a more zoomed in shot but keeping with a large landscape field. I wanted to use red to highlight the injection of the capsid within the cell. Of course, I will have more surface proteins imported via Autopack, but I wanted to give everyone an idea of what approach I will be taking. I just bought Zbrush, may the experimenting begin!