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Autopack’s Assignment Finished… For now

Autopack's Assignment Finished... For now

Finally reached a point where I am ok to walk away. Because there are only so many angles to make a sphere dynamic (sarcasm) I instead chose to capture a moment in HIV. I decided on the event just before the virus injects its capsid into the host cell. I focused on color and played with texture to get a lot of detail into the HIV cell while the rest of the image is blurred. Fun project. Glad its over. Onto the next one!

Have I seen these before?!

Have I seen these before?!

Well these look familiar! Who knew work could be so fun. I am really enjoying my GA position and the Business Department. It has been a little slow the past week, which is fine with the mound of classwork and research on my plate… S.O.S.

I am in the process of trying to finish my HIV image. I have experimented with different Zbrush features and moving elements back into Max, but with all my newly acquired knowledge, I have inadvertently created more work for myself. Work that I would have set up differently IF I knew the project was evolving in this direction. I guess thats just the learning process.

Now off to trying to finalize my proposal and complete IRB forms.