Archive | August 14, 2014

Welcome to Adulthood



To say it’s been an adjustment is an understatement. It was goodbye to comfy clothes and flexible schedule and hello to dress pants, home lunches, and a thing called Pay Time Off. I’ve been at the big kid job for about 2 months now, and it has been filled with unknowns and just learning. Everyday has its wins and losses. Powerpoint, of course, is mostly represented in the loss column, as I really hope Powerpoint dies a slow death.

So unfortunately most of the stuff I’ve been working on is confidential with cases or I’m been under a nondisclosure agreement for a freelance project. However, I have finally had time to hop back into the 3D world and work more with Modo (above) as we decide on what 3D package to invest in. I’ve been working on materials since I haven’t had it at my disposal, and will get to more advance rendering abilities with hopes of finding some shortcuts. There’s just so much to learn in this world and it’s never ending, which is discouraging but yet still exciting. I do look forward to the day that I don’t feel like a complete beginner. 

I think the biggest lesson I have learned came from an article I read last month that absolutely applied to my work life and beyond. It talked about design and how we truly don’t understand problems. We spend so much time in the beginning eager to reach the solution the 1st time. But in all reality, it’s about quick iteration after iteration as we go through a journey that allows us to comprehend the problem. So in other words, in order to get to a solution, we must fail quicker to understand the solution. This completely applies when I try to understand the story behind cases and what the purpose of a visual must serve… work in progress.