Exercise 1 Complete… well maybe

Exercise 1 Complete... well maybe

Its like a little voice thats nonstop. It is the downfall in having the ability to see things in detail. In our 3D modeling class we are given seven exercises to turn in and I find myself continuing to go back to each assignment and investing more time into them. In a sense I am not complaining. I am learning more in different techniques as google and youtube are my best friends. However, there is a little thing called deadlines for other classes. Just not enough time in graduate school. Just not enough. Spring break? Ha, thats a fantasy.

Keeping on Keeping on

Keeping on Keeping on

I knew last week of being productive was too good to be true. This week has been nothing but a struggle in productivity as it consisted of preparations for project research, forgetting various things for my classes, a broken computer charger and dead computer, and spending a day with a lost dog in the neighbor who had a tag… but no phone number. Smart owner. Anywho, nothing has been crossed off the to-do list and it is now Thursday night. Of course when there is something due the next day I end up working on other assignments. Tonight, I dabbled in our syringe exercise. Far from finished but here is the progress. I keep telling myself that Rome was not built in one day. Same goes for learning 3ds Max.

Up next, putting the Incredible Dr. Pol on and doing what is due tomorrow, writing project research questions and intro.

Student Loans being put to use


Behold, the purple human stomach. We took a simple shape such as a box and extruded it to multiple sections that were later edited to resemble a stomach. Fine tuning and texture will be applied down the road. No time for experimentation as it is time to catch up on some Neuro. Happy Hump Day!

Graphic Design Project 1

Graphic Design Project 1

One of my favorites out of the six. This project was to stimulate the creative juices and ignore boundaries. It was refreshing after the previous semester of being bound to rules. We were given a document loaded with random texts and the goal was to arrange them in a single composition with all the text given.

No Monday morning blues today

On a fare occasion, I woke up ready for the world on this Monday morning Dec 3rd. I got up and next thing I knew I was ready to go with my bag packed and ready to walk to the dogs. I hope this is going to be a productive day, which I could really use. The amount of studying has been lacking in that dept and my creative bone/ motivation has been a zero to tackle my final projects.

Today is the today to start crossing things off the list. Actually let’s be honest, maybe just get a step closer. It’s going to be a great week. Happy Monday everyone!

Back to reality


No I don’t want Monday to come and go back to school.

Assignment 4…Check

Assignment 4...Check

Pretty straight forward assignment that is finished and turned in. Crossing off the need to do list as the end of the semester comes closer.

A week and a half until thanksgiving break. It can’t come soon enough. The parents are driving down to visit which I am very excited but I wish I was headed to GA for break. I need a little break from Chicago to breath some fresh air. This week we have critique in johns class ans for once I’m ready for it. The agenda for the week consists of starting my instructual design final project and scrambling to catch up on anatomy. Weird.

Good morning Chicago another adventurous week waits ahead.

A New Me

Of course when I am finally able to sleep I wake up nice and early. As it goes, I predict tomorrow morning will be a tough one to rise… anyways, it is a new me. I officially put in my two weeks notice. Bittersweet as I love that place and people but my schooling comes first and I want my whole effort and potential into this program (a little late with 5 wks left). So with a very clean apt, sheets, clothes I’m ready to start, or might I say finish, this semester with a bang! This is the first weekend that I dont have to study. Well lets be honest, first weekend that I don’t have guilt that I am not studying. I’m looking to possibly dye my hair/haircut, and see wrack it ralph today around 10:15 for $5 movie. LOVE that early bird price!! Nice relaxing day that has been much much needed. 


With an update on the hygiene, tv entertainment, and an addition organization, this is the new me. I am going to attempt (attempt) to blog twice a week. Don’t hold me to it….Who knows what going to happen.

Ever So Lovely Autonomic Nervous System.


Probably my favorite material for this unit. Wish I could spend more time on it but the show must go on in order to know everything… Literally everything. Not enough hrs in the day.