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Semester coming to an end

Semester coming to an end

I wish Harry Potter’s world existed. What I would give to have the ability to go back in time to do more schoolwork as Hermione Granger did and still have my sanity. I have no idea how I have juggled everything on my plate this semester. I have two jobs, the school social media, full class schedule, research and IRB submission. I also felt the need to apply to the Vesalius Trust. So it’s safe to say that this kid has had a lot to do/ still to do. If I had to sum up the semester in one word, it would be Frustration. I’ve learned a lot, but it definitely has not been a smooth sailing three months.

Today, I finished my final Pharmacology assignment and my iPad application. I had a moment of relief and then I remembered that the black cloud called animation is still following me. This image is part two of the final assignment; part one being a storyboard. The project entailed finding the resources to support a chosen topic that branched off of the original one, which involved Protein Kinase M2. I chose to focus on PKM2’s ability as a kinase in the nucleus and its relationship with the transcription factor, STAT3. Pictured is STAT3 on the promotor of an oncongene and different domains of significance are highlighted. In short, PKM2 phosphorylates STAT3 at TYR 705. When this occurs STAT3 dimerizes and the 705 residue interacts with the SH2 domain of the opposite monomer and results in a stabilization of the molecule.

And now onto the next one.