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Progress… I Suppose. Interface Construction.

Earlier this week I had my first Focus Group testing. It went well and it was a good experience to construct a test and watch users navigate through the Protein Data Bank (PDB) application. I’m making progress with the Interact with Collagen prototype, as I’m in the middle of just getting the bits and pieces to work, and working around technological constraints. I haven’t finalized color or the visual design of it, but I think it is coming along. I’m trying to get this done by the end of the weekend so it can be sent out to the research community to test for usability, give them the general picture of what the future app. will be like, and inquiring what it is that they want/need.

What is it about?
In short, collagen is the main structural component in our body. Its size and complexity make it extremely difficult to understand, as today’s technology is unable to accommodate its massive size. So Interact with Collagen is a tool tailored to researchers in the collagen or structural biology field with the goal of well…for them to interact with collagen. I will be deciding what is the best way to present the structure to provide specifics as well as big picture information of the structure. Another major goal of this project is to find a system that encourages and facilitates research collaboration. I have some ideas, but I still feel like there is a better idea out in the universe. I’m hoping it comes to me soon! In the meantime, I’ll try to keep my sanity and keep working. Cheers.